Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh yeah baby, it's strawberry time!

Oh, happy day! The CSA had strawberries today! I almost caved last week and bought a $7 pound of the jewel-toned fruit at Jimbo's, but I settled for the organic Chilean blueberries later on at Joe's.

But if I hadn't bought the blueberries, I wouldn't have this lovely picture of my baby!

That's not a gunshot wound, it's a blueberry stain. Here's to the next few months of abundant, local, and of course, organic, strawberry goodness!!!

This fave fruit also ties in nicely with February being the month of love. Strawberries even look like hearts. (Picture me all starry-eyed***) For the happiness project, this month I am supposed to focus on:

  • Not nagging. Poo, I love to nag
  • Not expect praise or appreciation. Dang, I love for others to sing my praises, and there are just so darn many to sing
  • No dumping. Is there another way to greet your loved one after a long day at the office besides unloading all your many issues from the day?
  • Give proofs of love. Man, I love these kids and my handsome man. Can't imagine telling them even more how much I love them. Guess I could try to show them by not nagging, expecting praise or dumping...