Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well, we haaaave been cooking...why no posts?

My food photography is just sub-par. Sigh. And I'm not sure if I should post things without pictures or not. And my last post I had a bit 'o trouble with the photos showing up properly, so we'll see how things go today. I just returned from a weekday getaway with the little bean, a last hurrah before her little beanie baby sister arrives. We spent the night up in Seal Beach, went swimming in the relatively heated pool, and just all around had fun. Of course, there was food involved!
I am pleased to present a photo of one of my favorite foods on earth: the blackened-mushroom-tofu burger with everything, from Taco Loco. Oh man, I could eat these everyday! The weather was beautiful for easting outside, and the bean polished off the few mushrooms that fell out of this messy concoction while I was eating. I can see the beginnning of the rice-mess she made of her beans/rice bowl. The funniest thing, I don't even particularly like mushrooms. At all. And this is just the tastiest meal around. Too bad you are so far away, Laguna Beach!
And this is a recent butternut squash curry. Dang, this turned out well. I'm still working on an official recipe for my files, but I've made it twice and it is really tasty. It is fairly mono-chromatic, but the peas help with that. I have also been using my pressure cooker for beans almost every time, but these garbanzos are from TJ's. The squash was quite elderly, a gift from back in november from G's uncle, but it was still tasty. I roasted it in the oven and stirred it in after the onions carrots and garbanzos cooked through. The sauce is cumin based, with about 1/2 cup of coconut milk for richness and yumminess. (SP?)

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