Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BeWise CSA Week of November 8th

Here's what was in our "small" white box of goodies, followed by my intended purpose for each.
Yellow cauliflower * will make a gratin

Zucchini * girls will eat sauteed

Yams * Red flannel hash. I also have a billion beets.

Red delicious (?) apples * lots of snacks

Green beans * steamed for the girls

Sahuaro peppers * Rajas con queso tacos

Grape tomatoes * snacks, the girls can't get enough

Limes * margaritas!

Carnival Squash * now I have 2. What to do? Something with latin flair?

Fuyu persimmons * snacks, maybe in a salad?

Double head of red leaf lettuce * um, a billion salads?

Check back to see what I actually make!

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