Thursday, November 11, 2010

"weird" stuff in my pantry

These items from my pantry are at least 6 months old because a.)I haven't figured out what to cook, b.) I'm intimidated by the ingredient, and/or c.) lazy
  • Hijiki. I was off seaweed for awhile because this type seems so, um, fishy.
  • Canned lychee. They just look so unappealing from their picture on the can. Why did I buy them?
  • Jarred hearts of palm. I never seem to have a coordinating ingredient to actually make a recipe.
  • Some sort of jarred thai soup base. The ingredients are in english, but there are no directions so I'm afraid to try to make something.
  • Tiny jar of pimentos. The idea of pimento cheese sounded good before I OD'd on cheese in Switzerland. Other ideas?
  • Kidney beans. The girls hate them. Maybe make chili for the grownups?
  • Wild rice. Super long cooking time.
  • Lots of dribs and drabs of miscellaneous dried pasta
I challenge myself to use these ingredients by the end of the month!

Last night we had green salad, homemade mac and cheese, sauteed zucchini and leftover squash.

CSA items used in last nights dinner: lettuce, yellow bell pepper, grape tomatoes, butternut squash, zucchini

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