Monday, July 14, 2008

Something new and exciting!

I made vegandad's hot wings tonight! I left the hot sauce off a couple for the little bean, and used popsicle sticks for her to hold on to, and she totally dug it! G & I finished the rest of them with a spinach & homemade roasted garlic crouton salad that he put together. I can't wait to use this recipe again and again. It was soooo fast and really delicious. No preservatives and junk like the Morningstar version (although, man they are good), and wayyy cheaper. Vegandad is right again, kids love to eat anything on a stick.

Tomorrow the little bean and I will be making cupcakes. I'd hoped to go to the beach, but I have a sore foot and I think I'll keep it out of the sand.

By the way, we are officially venturing into pottytraining land, so staying home is probably in everyone's best interest! A couple little piddles, but nothing too scary. She really likes her potty, that is a relief. It is just getting her to recognize when she needs to go, before she starts going. She definitely prefers the cotton training pants to diapers, and I love that they are reusable.

PS, for the non-veggies (ie G), I will explain the cartoon from my previous post. That is a piece of tofu, not an ice cube. Therefore, the tofu burger is not cruelty-free from the tofu's point of view. Sigh, I thought it was so funny.

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