Friday, July 11, 2008

Finally slowing down

We have finally had a chance to slow down after a whirlwind start to this month. Before we took a last minute trip for the 4th, I made VWAV's delicious jerk seitan with garlic kale and baked sweet potato chips. Chips baked in the oven, not chips made from baked sweet potatoes. Does that make sense? It all went together so nicely.
And here was our 4th of July destination!

5 adults and 1 toddler in Aunt E's remarkable little cabin and a couple of tent annexes. We had a totally veggie weekend, the three ladies sharing the cooking responsibilities. We had ratatouille with rice pilaf and corn & bean salad the first night, courtesy of my MIL. Imagine throwing that together after a 10 hour car ride!!!
The next night we had a great saucy veggie & potato dish from Aunt E and the last night was my turn. Of course, I stuffed everyone full of Trader Joe's guacamole and organic tortilla chips before dinner, but there was still room for black bean tacos, whew. Wish I had a picture of all the fixings: flour tortillas, of course the beans, shredded mexican cheese blend, green onions, lettuce and spicy salsa. It was really good.

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