Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy First day of Summer!

It took me an hour to get the baby and I out the door to the beach, but I'm happy to say we spent 2 whole hours there. The little bean was covered head to toe: big floppy hat and her new aussie-designed sun suit. She loved playing in the sand, and when it got too hot even under the umbrella, we decided to explore the water. SHE LOVED IT! She enjoyed jumping in the waves with me and swam a little when the water was deeper after a wave. We showered off, which she also loved. After changing clothes, we ate almond butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. I thought she might nap, she kept laying down on the blanket and closing her eyes, but she was too distracted. She also didn't have a nite-nite blankie with her, and that was bothering her too. So we trekked back to the car in the heat, she walked almost the whole way. I was very happy we'd grabbed such a close spot. The beach was getting packed and cars were circling the lot. We might go back later tonight with Dad, I know he wants to surf again.

I've been cooking dinner every night, but have't made anything too remarkable. Made a pretty darn good ginger stir-fry with bok choy and asparagus last night, served with grilled tofu and brown rice. Probably just hungry after surfing, but the-as-yet-un-nicknamed husband cleaned his plate and went back for more (he usually isn't the #1 tofu fan of the universe). He isn't crazy about sesame the same way I am, so I left it out for once. Maybe that made all the difference?

I'm ready to join the little bean for a nap...I'm beat and it's HOT!

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