Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer is definitely here

The little bean and I swam in my mom's pool yesterday morning, 80 degrees outside, 92 in the pool! It felt like a bathtub, and the little bean went bonkers. She loved swimming so much, I could hardly hold on to her. I'm glad of 2 things: 1st that the pool fence is getting installed next week, and 2nd that swim lessons start on Tuesday. She is going to love swimming lessons at our local YMCA. The husband and I took turns taking her last year, at 6 months old and she enjoyed it then. Today is super boring, lots of laundry and a trip to Target out of the way. We'll plant some flowers after her nap this afternoon.

Last night I made fettucine with garlic and broccoli rabe last night but it got inhaled before I could take a picture. It was exactly as good as a dish I had at Bistro Jeanty in Yountville. The
husband wanted to make jelly-donut cupcakes for dessert, but we had no room left in our tummies.

I thought I'd post pictures of dinner from 2 nights ago, here are the veggie sushi and shiitake kale noodles from, of course, Veganomicon. Usually the sushi turns out a bit rounder, I'm not sure what I was doing this time. The noodles were great, I used pho noodles instead of udon and I think I'll double the broth next time to make it more like soup. The sushi keeps well for a great lunch, as well.
I'd like to make a pilgrimage to 99 Ranch down on Clairemont Mesa to get some cheap produce and random asian ingredients. It is an adventure just wandering around in there.

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