Monday, May 12, 2008

2 Days until the BIG TRIP

Last night the husband and I got the clothes packed into our suitcases and most of the carry-on items lined up. It is such a hassle that we cannot pack most liquids in our carry-ons. I mean, such a hassle! Oh well, it is just part of the adventure of travel. One last trip to the grocery store this morning for snacky items (Milano cookies, crackers) and taco stuff for dinner tonight. (I don't imagine we'll be eating too much mexican food on vacation.) It felt cold out, says Encinitas is 58 degrees. It is breezy and felt much cooler than that. This is probably the weather in both Cornwall and Austria. Better get used to long pants and long sleeves. At least the little bean loves to wear her jacket.

For lunch I made the lentil soup from Veganomicon. I had never made any type of lentil soup, and the only kind I've ever eated is canned from Progresso...and guess what? My lentil soup ROCKED. I almost couldn't stop eating it, I was happy when it cooled enough to go into the fridge. The little bean thought it was pretty tasty. She picked out and ate the diced carrots first, then ate quite a few bites of the soup too. I used red lentils which really fell apart, but I think that was better for the baby to eat anyway.

I am probably enjoying one of the last truly quiet and peaceful moments for the next few weeks. I hope the little bean finds a way to sleep as comfortably during our travels.

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