Friday, May 30, 2008

Quick update from Wien

We are at Marc and Nicol's fabulous penthouse apartment on our way out for Langnacht of the churches. All of the churches are open late, and many are open to the public for the only time all year. Should be interesting, little bean had 2 naps today so should be prepared. Or she'll pass out in her reclining stroller...we've really spoiled her on not keeping her up late at all this trip. And we have a couple more days here to adjust if she doesn't like it.
Vienna is an awesome city and very kid-friendly. At first it was a big shock from the quiet village of Hallstatt, but our apartment is spacious, bright and close to the city tram. We feel very cosmopolitan here. I see the churches lighting up all around us, so we are off on our evening adventure.

Guten abend vom Wien

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