Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A little piece of heaven on earth

78 degrees, a light breeze and 360 degree views around the lake and mountains. We love it here in Hallstatt. It is a welcome change from the hustlebustle of Salzburg. The little bean gets to run around to her heart`s content as it is traffic calmed here. We took a hike up to a glacier garden yesterday and a bike ride around the lake. Little bean is a great passenger, she cried when we had to return the bikes this afternoon.
All this fresh air and exercise led us to a 3 hour nap, for all 3 of us this afternoon. So relaxed. Dinner was lakeside and just wonderful in the balmy air.

Tomorrow we venture on to Vienna, where it will probably be even warmer. We have an apartment there and will have lots of room to share. Although our room here has been more like an apartment, roomy and airy. We will really miss it here!

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