Friday, May 23, 2008

Halloo from Salzburg

We had a lovely drive up from Cornwall to Gatwick Airport in London on Wednesday. Just beautiful farm scenery and we even managed a detour to Stonehenge. The little bean was asleep so we took turns walking over to peek through the fence. We ate lunch in the parking lot, REAL Coke with REAL sugar, cornish Yarg cheese with fresh baguette. The best meal!
The flight to Salzburg was easy and comfortable, BA provided sandwiches and beverages even on a short flight. Gatwick is great airport, clean and well organized. We met another family travelling to Austria with a 16 month old little boy. He was cranky, and reflected even more what an amazing traveller our bean is.

Salzburg is COLD! In the 50´s, but we are dressed appropriately. We took a funicular up to the fortress over looking the town and we let the bean run all over the place. Austrians seem to love children, and the bean charms them all. We have been enjoying native dishes like vegetable strudel and cheese spaetzel. It has been very easy to find veggie dishes here, unlike what I´d read beforehand.

Our hotel is a gem, and our host, Peter is one in a million. The little bean has a super soft and comfy cot and our room is spacious. She loves the hand-held shower and throws a tantrum when it is time to get out.

We leave for Hallstatt Sunday morning, so hope we can get online again before that. We miss our family and can´t wait to share our adventures in person. XOXO

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