Saturday, May 17, 2008

A lovely Cornish Morning

We are all settled with Auntie and Uncle in Goldsithney, my sweet husband did an incredible job driving us from a town 45 minutes away - in a diesel, 6 speed very "posh" car. We were delayed getting into Heathrow so missed our train on Thursday, so spent an evening in London. Lovely hotel, quiet and allowed us to catch our breath. The train was crowded on Friday but filled with really nice people as we travelled from London (Paddington Station) to Truro in Cornwall. We drove from Truro to Goldsithney and got in about 6 pm. Auntie made us a top-notch meal of asparagus hollandaise with rice (and salmon for the omnis). The little bean loved exploring the house and the garden out back. She is in love with their corgie, and he is tolerating her very well. She had a rough patch in the middle of the last night (cursed teething is never-ending), but is sleeping in this morning with dad.

We are going to the village green to a plant sale today, then the beachside playground overlooking St. Michael's Mount. It is gray and cool and feels completely english. What a gorgeous place.

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